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How the DMVHistoryUSA system works for you
A simple system that delivers powerful results

We are dedicated to providing you with the driving history information you need to make good decisions in your life. We know that having access to accurate, up-to-date reports is very important to you. That's why we've built a simple to use and easy to understand search system for you. Check it out.



    Just enter a name to start the process.

    • Some follow-up questions may be asked.
    • Your search will start momentarily.
    • We have access to a wealth of information.
    • Our database experts work for you.
    • Our reports have stood the test of time. We are always looking for ways to make them as easy as possible to read and understand.
    • The system will organize your data so that you can scan it and go right to what you are looking for.

    We will now search our database for the information you are looking for.

    • We've employed database experts to build our system so it is as accurate and secure as possible.
    • Information is cross-referenced for verification.
    • Our database organizes information in a way that everyone can understand.
    • If you want to search for information about many people, bulk pricing is available.

    Now we will take your valuable information and use it to generate your report.

    • Collecting your data is just the first step of the process. Raw data can be confusing, even to research experts. But we organize it in a way that allows you to understand it. Legal terms are explained, and the information is presented in plain English that nearly anyone can understand.
    • We make efforts to delete redundant or contradictory information.
    • Graphics and charts are included to put the information into context.
    • If you don't understand any part of your report, our customer service staff will be happy to explain it at no extra charge.

    You may now print out your report or save it to your hard drive.

    • The information in your report is valuable. You may want to reference it again in the future. We make it easy for you to do so, because we know that is important to you.
    • You have the option to print out your report in black and white or color.
    • You may also save it to your hard drive, flash drive or mobile device.
    • We will keep your report saved in our system so that if you lose your print-out or your hard drive crashes, you can always access it again in the future.
    • You will always have full access to your report.

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